October 25, 2016

Pipe Threader

Tonight after work I bought some 1/2 galvanized pipe for a home project. I bought a 10 foot section, but had it cut to be one 9 foot section, and one 1 foot section. Well, actually what we did just to be sure was measure the size I needed by connecting a 5 foot section and a 4 foot section together, because I’m going to replace a 5 foot and 4 foot piece that are coupled, and I was worried that might not work out to exactly 9 feet, but the home improvement store guy said it was pretty damn close. Then he threaded the cut ends of the 9 foot piece and the leftover 1 foot piece. It was pretty cool to watch, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone to see at least once in your life. It’s like sex but with pipe not being a metaphor. Like, Leslie Pipes would actually be a pipe.

After that I swung by The Comedy Spot open mic, and got a burrito at Azul. I checked the list for the open mic, but it was really full. What I do now if I show up late, is I just appear. If the host sees me and gets excited about putting me on, then I’ll let them put me on. Otherwise, if I ask if there’s room, it just puts tons of pressure on them and they resent me for it, even though that’s never my intention. It’s just what happens. Plus it’s just more fun to perform on shows where you know the host loves you and wants to expose the crowd to you, and if they ask you instead of you asking them, it really means a lot and feels really good. I think it’s a win – win for everyone.

Anyway, then I left and went to Starlight. I hung out for a while and listened to a David Bowie cover, and then I bombed for a few minutes. I didn’t really care though. I felt like I was able to acknowledge that I was bombing without saying it. Then at the end I over explained what was going to happen when my set was over, and that got some good laughs.