December 9, 2013

SF Sunday Mic

I went down to SF tonight hoping to get on at the Punchline. That didn’t work out and I was bummed, but then my friend Chris Schiappacasse told me about this other mic near Grant and Green. I went and checked it out and got some tea. There weren’t a lot of people so they started an hour late, so then I went and got a slice of pizza at Golden Boy around the corner while I waited.

It wasn’t long after I got back to the place that I got on. I asked what they wanted to do. They said everyone. I was really clear, I said “so you don’t want to laugh, you want to do everyone” and they confirmed it. So I started trying to get them to do it, but they wouldn’t even take any of their clothes off or get out of their seats. They just sat there. I pressed them more, and they said that really they just wanted to imagine doing everyone and then get off from that. So I told them to go ahead, and then let me know when they had cum and we’d move on to something else. I got my phone out and started searching for model trains on ebay while I waited. And waited. And waited. Well, one guy claimed he finished, but no one else had yet. Spent 7 minutes doing that shit. Hope they got what they wanted out of it. At least they can’t steal my jokes since I didn’t tell any. I didn’t film it and that’s probably a good thing. Can’t imagine wanting to even watch that shit myself.

After that I took some flyers and posters to The Dark Room, for our upcoming Rejects of Standup show this Friday, December 13th, and then I took the rest of them and gave them to Chris. Then I drove home and sang along to the Christmas channel.