October 18, 2011

Monday Open Mics

Last night I went to Po Boyz. I saw this guy Nick who does comedy only in the winter. He hibernates doing comedy. I got up. They said they wanted to hear some jokes. I told my new one about the hour glass. They liked it okay, but it was hard to get into it the way I wanted with the crowd just being comedians. First time I told it though. There were a couple of people that weren’t comedians, mainly these two blacks guys that had walked in. No sooner did they sit down, then every comedian that went up before did hella racial material. What’s up with that? I did my FUBU joke where I admit to liking Chingy as my favorite rapper. I like the way you do that right there.

Then I went to the Boxing Donkey. They waited to start the comedy until I showed up. I made some coffee in their coffee machine, but I didn’t put that much coffee in because I don’t know what I’m doing, so it came out weak. Good enough for me though. They said they wanted to hear about the biography of my mustache and said they wanted to hear me make it all up and have it be absurd. I just told the real story with no absurdity, because I’m not that good at improv. Finally then they said they wanted to hear some jokes, mainly just the centipede one. That’s the only one they like.

I got a video of the Po Boyz one but I’m not gonna post it because my camera died at the end, and then I was gonna do a video with my phone at the Donkey, but I didn’t feel like pausing to set it up before my set. I was in the moment.