January 13, 2014

First SF Punchline set of 2014

I got on at the SF Punchline tonight. I did really good. I asked what they wanted to do. No response at first, just laughs. Then this one guy said he wanted to do jokes, but then he changed his mind. A few people tried telling me “it’s all you buddy” but I just asked what they wanted to do again. Finally this one lady said they wanted to laugh seriously. Well, that was after she said she wanted to be serious. So I told them I would try telling a joke and find out what laughing seriously was. I guess it’s the same as laughing, because thats what they ended up doing.

Anyway, the set went really good and I was really happy about it. A lot of people came up to me after and said they liked it. It was kind of like last night when I did karaoke and sang Wendy by The Beach Boys. They were amazed that I had picked that song, and expressed common interest in Brian Wilson and his music.