January 6, 2014

Marilyn’s on K

I went to Marilyn’s on K tonight for a new open mic. They had Marilyn Monroe pictures all over and I didn’t get it until just now.

The crowd said they wanted to do crack, a fine woman, and let a cat loose in the place. Then they said they wanted to do comedy. Finally they said they wanted to see me do comedy so I did some comedy. The longer I hold it, the more it shakes. I tried it. I don’t think it worked. I just shake my first until I can’t control it anymore and then I stop. Is that funny? I don’t know. The rest of my stuff did pretty good though.

Clip: http://youtu.be/Tal_xiOsTqQ

After that I went to the Scramble where I had actually already signed up before going to Marilyn’s. These three guy dudes were sitting in front. They looked really annoyed when I asked what they wanted to do. They didn’t have any input. I tried the orangutan joke again here but it didn’t do as well. I think it helped that people got involved at Marilyn’s. I missed the tape because I got called up before I thought I would so I just went up. I probably could have stalled. I don’t know. They said they wanted to do a hair swoosh at first, but finally got around to wanting to laugh, and then when my jokes were funny, the guy dudes smiled and laughed a little, but they looked pissed too. Does being gay make you impatient. I’m hella patient so I guess I know I’m not gay then.

I was gonna try to go to On the Y, but then Darby said I should go to Funk Night which I had completely forgotten about. That suggestion really appealed to me since I’m getting fat and ate too much Indian food today. If I dance at Funk Night I will loose weight.