January 27, 2014

There Goes The Neighborhood

I did this aptly titled show tonight. It had Thai Rivera headlining, and I hadn’t been a huge fan in the past, but I loved his set tonight. He really seemed like a real person this time. I think it was the goatee.  But I enjoyed his material and performance a lot and thought it fit really well with the title of the show.

My set was fun, but it took the crowd a while to figure out what to do. First they wanted to hear me yodel. I don’t know how, so I did my best, but it sucked. That was actually intentional. No one could volunteer an example of what yodeling should sound like. Then this one lady wanted to see me strip. I figured I should try to get out of that one, so I doubled checked that they didn’t want to laugh, and then they said they did want to laugh. So, no stripping for you lady. Jokes mostly went great except for my cat and mouse joke that fell flat. I was hella bummed because that joke is so stupid. At the end of my set I said you guys have seen all of me, but they pointed out that they hadn’t since I didn’t strip. Damn, maybe they really did want to see me strip more than hear my jokes.

This was my first set having a girlfriend. She was there and it was nice. I think I would have gotten more nervous before my set since it had Thai Rivera and it was The Punchline, and I was doing 15 minutes. But, she calms me and I didn’t really feel nervous at all. Her name is Heather and she rocks.


August 18, 2013

House Party Show

I’ve done a few house party shows. I did this one when I friend Sammy Obeid asked if I wanted to do a set at it. It was day 952 of his 1,000 days of comedy. I showed up at the party. Saw some people I know from other times I did comedy. Other comedians, […]