November 15, 2011

And Monday

Last night I went to Po Boyz. One of the comics said he wanted to sleep. I got him to sleep for a minute or so while I looked over my notes. Then he woke up. I asked what they wanted to do now. Dude in the back said to hear a joke. I started telling some. It was cool. When I first got there around 10:45 my hopes were high. So many people. Most left by the time I got on. Still it was okay. I get out late but at least I got a good stair climb on the parking garage and made some spicy thai soup with dried mushrooms.

Then the morning came. Donkey was still going strong, so I headed over. On the way I got in some good heel and toe downshifts in my focus, so that was fun. Got the induction service last week so it revs a lot better now. 122,000 miles and still going strong. More comics going to Donkey now, at least tonight. Had a blast watching Queenie TT. She does some awesome caricatures and faces. Sean P says white people say awesome. I just wrote it in my blog. Queenie TT made me do it. I always like watching Sean G too. He says “nah” after every line. They told me they wanted to laugh pretty quick, but this lady sounded like she was annoyed. I tried to find out if she was, but she wasn’t really. Brought back my Christmas tree joke from last year or the year before. Made it better, but I had to tell it twice because this dude was playing with his hands and missed it. I wanted to make sure everyone got it. It was cool telling it twice. The second time was way more polished. Sometimes I wish people would say they wanna hear me sing and then I’ll bust out some nkotb or beach boys, but this one lady got up and sang way too good for me to do that, so I was glad no one said they wanted to hear me sing too.