October 14, 2013

Back in Sac: Night 1

I got back yesterday, but Sac doesn’t have Saturday open mics, and I didn’t have the balls or energy to try and get a guest set somewhere.

Today I saw someone posted on facebook about me mentioning some drama in my blog. Then someone said a similar thing at the Comedy Spot tonight. I only blog about my sets, and stuff that happens at the venue while I’m there.

Anyway, I went and did the scramble. We didn’t have a crowd, but we did sets for each other anyway. The other comics said they wanted to laugh, so I told most of my new jokes I’m working on, and then I watched the last two performers. Hung out outside for a minute after, and then left, thinking about whether or not I was going to go to On the Y. But, I feel kind of tired so I think I’ll just stay in now that I’m home.