December 4, 2013


Ugh. Went and did this Tuesday at Luna’s thing again. I need a new approach to this place man. Gonna have to think of something fresh. I got to try my new Devil joke idea, and I think it will work. Maybe I’ll try it out tomorrow at the Punchline if I get up there. Thats all. I got a video and I don’t even want to watch it. Or maybe I do. I don’t know. Shoot, okay fine. Actually this is great! See this is the thing, you’re just performing for some comic friends and they’ve all seen this shit, so I feel weird doing it. It just feels fake. And then when I ask what they want to do, instead of saying what they actually want to do, they say what they think I want to hear. They say something that they’d like to see me do something with. Like, “lets see what he does if I say I want to do this weird thing.” So this video is great, because it shows me feeling weird about it and not doing anything. It’s a complete let down. I think this needs to happen more often. Don’t fuck around or you’re going to be disappointed that you did, but, if you’re the right kind of person, you’re going to love watching it happen, just like I am right now. Even when I finally tell the joke, the telling of it seems unsure, like I’m not really sure that I’m doing something that will help the audience do what they want to do. And I really wasn’t sure what they wanted to do.