August 18, 2013

Can I do it?

A couple of my comedy friends blog just about every day and get all their shows in. So far I’ve just gone in spurts where maybe I’ll do a post for every day one week, but then it might be a couple of months before I do it again. I’m wondering if I can do better than that.

Anyway, last night I did this show at this place called Lockdown Brewery in Folsom. It wasn’t my greatest performance, but it was fun. I could tell some people liked it. It was a free show. Some people came for the comedy, others didn’t know it was going on. There was one bad heckler, from what I heard. I never really had to tangle with him. It was weird at the end because the guy that runs the place started walking around with a wad of cash and asking the comics if they liked the room and wanted to come back again. It looked like he was considering whether or not to pay us. We hadn’t been promised any compensation at all but they gave us a Beach Hut sandwich and two drinks which was nice, but it was weird that he did that. He didn’t give any of us any. Anyway, I asked the crowd what they wanted to do and they said they wanted to get high, drink, and then finally they said they wanted to laugh.

Then I agreed to give a ride home to two of the other comics on the show since they were going the same way as me, but then all they did the whole 30 minutes back was talk about the Illuminati. Fortunately my annoyance level rose evenly with my anticipation of getting out of the situation level as we approached home. I understand a lot of people believe in these conspiracy theories. I honestly couldn’t give a shit. You’ve got a whole bunch of people living in these cities and states and countries together. There’s probably going to be some conspiracies going on. It’s not the Illuminati, it’s everybody, even you and me. You could run away, but chances are someone would follow you and either bring you back, or you would start a new society together and the same shit would happen.