April 9, 2013

Catch up post

The next show I did after that radio show was a special spot on the Laughs Unlimited open mic that turned out not to be that special. I got up and started doing my set. Didn’t feel like I was killing it, but didn’t seem bad either. Maybe just an average set. I see the light come on, and I figure I have a minute to do one last joke. It’s new, but it’s short. I start telling it, but I get heckled. It’s a positive heckle that adds more laughs, so I just wait for the laughs to end. Meanwhile the light starts flashing, but I know I only have two words left in the joke. Just as I’m about to deliver them, the d-bag running the show calls out “get off the mic Ferris!” This was weeks ago and I’m still kind of reeling from it. Just one more nail in the coffin where I bury my desire to be around this Sacramento comedy scene. It’s hard to take a stand on it because yeah, my time ran out. But then after being in the scene for 9 years, you would think people would know that I know better than to run a light, and I wouldn’t keep going unless I only had a couple of words left to wrap up. Or maybe they all think I’m just some crazy unfunny guy that does open mics for a hobby and will never be good enough to work anywhere. If that’s what I am I’d really like somebody to tell me so I can not waste any more than the 9 years I already have.