July 27, 2015

Comedy Burger 7 – 26 – 2015

Just got done doing a set at Momo Lounge on a show called Comedy Burger. It was great man. I hadn’t done a set in like three weeks, so I was a little worried about remembering jokes, but they all came to me. I did start to tank a little bit at the beginning, but then I found my footing quick. Kind of felt like I couldn’t do well until I bombed a little bit first, like bombing brought out a side of my persona that not bombing wouldn’t have brought out.

Took a minute for them to figure out what they wanted to do. First one dude said they wanted to get high. Second, this other lady said she wanted to do everything. Then they asked me what I wanted to do. I told them I wanted to find out what they wanted to do. Then they said laugh. It always works man.

I wore one of my cool blazers that I used to wear more. Felt good, so I think I’ll bring them back more. Bad 70s plaid blazers and a t-shirt so I look like I sell used cars, but really I sell jokes. Well okay, the jokes sell themselves. Only been told 20 times! This is the latest revision of this joke, so all the kinks have been worked out. Just can’t beat the deal we got going on here. Are you gonna finance or pay cash? Let’s see if we can get you approved today.

Anyway, Comedy Burger is the shit and thanks to Ingaio for putting me on it.