July 21, 2021

Concord Grapes

Mead Dave said I could do this Concord show, so I put it on the calendar. It was last night. I carpooled down with four other comedians. Buddy Rahming, Ed Mena, Jacqui Pirl, Joey C, and me. Jacqui drove us down there in her 5-speed VW Jetta. I sat in the middle in the back, which was hard, being the second largest person in the car. So on the way back, Ed drove, and I sat shotgun. It was a totally chill ride both ways. The place was called Vinnie’s Bar and Grill, and I had assumed it was a pizza place, but it wasn’t. Ended up eating some fries that they gave us, and I ordered a veggie burger.

Mean Dave had told me the place was rough. He said the crowd doesn’t pay much attention to the comedians. It was true, but I’ve done plenty of venues like that. You just do your set and look for a couple of people that might be paying attention, and then just do it for them. That’s what I did. There were a couple of guys sitting in front of Mean Dave and Sean Sinha was there too. It was good to see him. I think it had been several years. All four of them were laughing, so I mainly focused on them. Afterwards, some other people came out of nowhere and told me they really enjoyed my set too. It made me glad, because since the set was seven minutes, I decided to see how much of the deodorant monolog I could fit in there. Well, I got the whole thing in, with no jokes before or after, and it worked great. It actually seemed like everyone had a pretty strong set, and then headlining was Nicole Tran, who’s always a lot of fun to watch. She’s really goofy and cute.