October 3, 2013

Drove to San Fran for One Mic

I needed to deliver my flyers for The Rejects of Standup show on Oct 25th to the guys in SF, since thats where the show will be. I also wanted a set. So I drove down there and went do Dirty Trix. Chris Schiappacasse was there and he let me have his set since he was 8th and I was 28th. Thanks Chris! In return, I gave him the flyers, and a ride back to the Walnut Creek BART station. My set went good and I got to try out all four new jokes that I wrote today. I also tried the Pirate Glass one again and they seemed to like it a lot there. I guess what they say is true; audiences in San Francisco really are smarter.

Outside the venue this guy was scared of a Chihuahua. I showed him my dog bite scar. It made him even more scared.

Some guy had parked an orange 1970 -74 ‘cuda convertible out front that was totally bad ass.

I finally drove over the new bridge. It seemed nice. A lot of people think the whole bridge was made in China, but it wasn’t. A lot of it was, but significant portions were also made here, in Japan, and in England. San Francisco has such a rich history of multiculturalism, I think it’s fitting to have so many countries contribute to making the new bridge. It was kind of sad to see the old bridge off to the side.