September 13, 2022

Found a Snake

I went down to the San Francisco Punch Line Sunday Showcase last night. As I stepped out the door of my house, I saw a snake! A little gopher snake about a foot long. There’s a new lady doing comedy named Noel, and she went with me. I got the snake into a container and then let it go in a field.

At the Punch Line, they did Joke Parade at the end. Last time I did it, I did pretty well with a drawn out explanation for why the chicken crossed the road. You’re supposed to do a street joke, but whenever they do Joke Parade, I can never think of one, so I end up making up my own. This time I thought maybe I would use my small world joke. I went to Disneyland and went on the small world ride, but I didn’t see anyone that I knew. It bombed. It reminded me that I just don’t really have the delivery style to pull off jokes like that anymore, if I ever did. And I don’t care. I like doing stuff like I did with the chicken crossing the road. It just works for me. It’s against the rules, but who cares. No one enforces the rules. You don’t get banned because you didn’t use a street joke on Joke Parade. Besides, the hosts are so mean to you anyway, why should you follow the rules. Plus, when I did the chicken bit, the audience laughed so hard it drowned out the hosts’ mean comments. I think I’m just gonna use the chicken bit every time they do Joke Parade from now on. Or do a drunk act.

Anyway, then we left and when we got down to the street, we saw a coyote! Got some Thai food and went home on the Golden Gate. It was a wild night.