November 22, 2011

I hosted

I hardly ever host/emcee a show. Most people don’t believe I can because they just don’t get me. They don’t get me. But I can do it! Tonight I did it. Sammy Obeid is like one of the only people I know that will let me emcee a show. Yeah, it’s nerve wracking since I’m not used to do doing it. Trying to remember comics names I just met and all that other stuff. Whatever, I just did it. I had some fun. I didn’t ask what they wanted to do since I was the emcee and I don’t do that when I emcee. Got them warmed up. They didn’t go for every joke, but they went for enough of them. I’m think I’m getting sick though. Got a soar throat coming on, so I’ll prolly go to sleep early. Wanted to work out, but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen. Anyway it was cool because I also caught the end of the improv class I started taking which was going on during the show, and then I went back to the show after.

Forgot to blog about last night because I had to pick up my sister from the airport after I did my mic run. I did the usual Po Boyz first and then the Boxing Donkey. Po Boyz had a self proclaimed tough crowd. I wouldn’t have called them that. Maybe they just didn’t like me that much. It happens. Could be any number of things. I didn’t consider it a bomb since I didn’t feel like I bombed. I go off of feel. I got more laughs at the Donkey competition last Thursday, but I felt like a bombed that time, so that was a bomb. So that was Po Boyz. Then I went to the Donkey. Wow, so many babes. I went with tea this time. It was my plan the whole time, and by coincidence there was hot water waiting for me. Hot water, hot babes. That was cool. I picked out a bag of Orange Spice like I get at Luna’s too. It was perfect. I went on first so I could get out and get to the airport on time. They said they wanted to get fucked up. I said they needed way more drinks, they didn’t have enough. They were loving it, but then this guy said he wanted to hear some jokes. So then I told some jokes. The babes liked me and gave me a standing o at the end of my set, but they didn’t come to the show tonight. Oh well, babes have lives too. They don’t just sit around looking like babes all the time. Babes.