February 18, 2013

Later on

Feeling better the last couple of days. Liking the feeling of taking a break from the open mic scene and all that though. If you’re a club or someone who books and you read a post and it made you feel less like booking me, I could understand. But look, I don’t feel like this because I think it will help me get booked, I feel like this because I feel like this. I don’t hate anybody, and I don’t hate any clubs either. Honestly, if someone read my last post and felt bad and offered me real work somewhere, I wouldn’t want to take it. Gotta get the work for being funny. I’m just terribly frustrated and confused right now about comedy, and that’s what the post was about. The rest of my life is pretty decent. Work is good, I have food, friends, shelter, two cars, some pet fish, lots of fun hobby projects. Can’t complain there.