January 3, 2012

Laughs Baby

Last night I did Po Boyz and Donkey. At Po Boyz they wanted to laugh, but my set was too long. Plus the audience had people that I knew from having been there before and they’d seen a lot of stuff, so I was trying to find more new stuff that they hadn’t heard to fill the time. There were a lot of quiet moments of me searching, but then some good laughs too because they usually like my jokes. Donkey was dead, so I got up but didn’t really do a set.

Tonight I went to Laughs Unlimited and I got up, so that was cool. I have a weird relationship with that place. I’ve been known to refer to it as a C club (rather than an A or B), and I don’t mean offense by that, it’s just that they don’t get a lot of big names. They pride themselves on that, which is fine, but that still makes it a C club, and when you do comedy for 7 years and you can’t even work there it looks bad. That’s all I ever meant by that. I stand by it still. Anyway, I got up tonight and it was fun. They said they wanted to play yatsee, which I don’t know how to play, so I had to see if anyone knew. This girl said she could probably figure out how to play strip yatsee. She seemed to want to do a heckler comedian challenge but I didn’t let it happen because I let her know it wasn’t about that, it was about actually playing yatsee. I don’t remember how I did that, but it worked. I ended up trying to make some dice out of pieces of paper, but ran out of time before I could finish making them. It didn’t matter though, because the crowd seemed to have a great time.