June 14, 2013

Laughs Unlimited Competition

I did the Laughs Unlimited Competition tonight. It was the third one I’ve done. I got the worst placement I’ve gotten so far. First time I got fourth place. Second time I got third. This time I got 6th place. But, I enjoyed my set a lot more this time than I did either of the first two times. And, I got the second highest overall score with 36 points, and the highest score for originality with 24 points. The judges score you on Original Material, Stage Presence, Delivery, Audience Reaction, and then give you a separate Overall score and add them all up, so your Overall score is not your Total score.

The notes on the back were:

“Overtime” – as much time as it took to say thank you thats my time. I fit the entire rest of the set into exactly 7 minutes.

“So funny & unique. Love your style.” – Thanks!

“Needs to have structure in his material. Lacks timing! Keep writing. Not bad but will get better.” – Not too sure about that bud. Been doing this 9 years. I don’t much care for structure, and I like my timing how it is.

“Drop the slave joke” – Why, cuz it’s abolished? I like that joke man…

“Looong setups. More laughs per minute. Very creative & super funny!!!” – I don’t really like the whole laughs per minute thing. Too much structure. Sure, it can be tougher to get consistent laughs without it, but you can have way more fun and freedom if you just forget about it. I don’t want to be in control of anyone’s laughter. I want it all to be free and open.

So, it was fun, and maybe next time I’ll just say fuck it and ask them what they want to do! (Which by the way I didn’t do since I was afraid the judges would just start writing zeros without any other numbers in front of them).