November 21, 2013

Luna’s Hecklers

I did the Luna’s open mic last night. All comics except three ladies. I had it in my mind to tell an old set of stripper jokes that cast strippers as creatures of instinct. The strip and pole dance instinctively. They weren’t that into it. Plus not all the jokes are any good anyway. I just wanted to do them. Then one of the ladies said she had some jokes she could tell. I had been about to start my thunderbird joke, but I was like, fuck it, let her do it. So she did an internet joke about big box stores in Afghanistan.  I pretended not to get it. Then she did another one, after which I said I thought she was heckling me and I didn’t think I liked it. Made me realize it would be hilarious to let a heckler start telling a joke, and let them get almost to the punchline and then tell them to shut the fuck up.

Then we got pizza and beer after, and shit got weird. Ended the night by walking around in the rain for a while. Love doing that.