September 20, 2013

Lying on the floor

Tonight I went to the Blacktop open mic. I was kind of tried so I just lay on the floor until my set.

Before I went there I bought some pants at Macy’s.

Anyway, before my set a lot of people were asking if I was going to ask them what they wanted to do. They seemed really excited about it. I went up and asked when I did my set. First thing was, this one guy wanted to talk about useless inventions because he’d seen a Stephen Wright set where he talked about useless inventions, and he said my style reminded him of Stephen Wright. So I let him talk about some useless inventions. So basically it was just the crowd talking about different things they wanted to talk about. Then at one point they wanted to know how my week went, so I described my week.

Now I’m home and I just bought my new favorite Bee Gee’s song Fanny (Be Tender With My Love), and I’m watching some model train videos on youtube, while I have a glass of wine. The week isn’t over yet.