September 24, 2013

Monday half…

I stayed a little later at work tonight than I had planned. No overtime, but I had planned to leave earlier. I wanted to finish up what I was working on. Then I texted to see if it would be worth it to head over to the Comedy Spot for the scramble. Not really. I needed a few groceries so I went to the grocery store. I got back and ate some of them. Then I was like, should I go to Capital Garage, or watch my netflix thats been sitting around for a week. I forgot what netflix I had. It was Fantastic Mr Fox. My first thought was, why the fuck did I rent this? Did I want to see this? I keep thinking I’m a Wes Anderson fan because I like The Royal Tenenbaums, but really I’m just a Royal Tenenbaums fan. I don’t like any of his other movies nearly as much.

So that clinched it. I headed out on my bike. Then when I got there I remembered that some comics went there and acted stupid, so the owners won’t let the open mic have comedians anymore. Oh well, maybe I’ll give it a shot and force them to feel awkward telling me no otherwise. It didn’t work out.

I figured I might as well try to go to the Fox and Goose then, so I rode my bike another mile or across town and showed up. I put my name down and there was only one other guy ahead of me. He played his guitar and sang, while the majority of the people that were watching decided to leave. So then I went up to like 4 or 5 people. They were mostly cool. The guy that runs it likes to heckle and say weird off the wall philosophical stuff, so that can get frustrating, but it can be a fun challenge too. I told my phone in the bathtub joke after telling the one about brown and yellow only being two colors, and he said bathtubs don’t have as many colors in them. So I pointed out that the iPhone 5c just came out in 5 colors. Not a real zinger, but not every heckler come back needs to be.