October 4, 2011

Open Mic Run

Tonight I did my Sac open mic run. First I went to Po’ Boyz in Folsom hosted by Cheryl “The Soccermom.” It was all comics. They said they wanted to do all kinds of stupid things, probably just to see how far I was willing to go. I helped them do as many of the things as I could. Sang a line of the Mighty Mouse theme. Tried to do an impression of some sports coach. Not the best time. Then I went to the Boxing Donkey in Roseville. Sam told me there weren’t that many people. He was basically right. There were more than I thought, but only 2 or 3 that were paying any attention. They said they wanted to do my mom, but I knew if I called it would wake up my dad. Then they wanted to hear my stripper jokes. I told them, but then a bunch of people walked in, and they wanted to cut my mustache off. They couldn’t find scissors, so they just painted half of it red instead. That’s pretty cool guys. Washed it off after my set, and then went home.