January 1, 2012

Pretty Girls in the Crowd

I did the Scramble just now, first set of 2012. I spent most of the day working on a song that I started writing like 3 years ago, so I didn’t eat well and my nerves were shot as a result. Plus there were two attractive girls in the crowd, one more than the other to me, and she seemed to laugh the most so I had to keep looking at her and it was distracting, especially with shot nerves from lack of nourishment. I had hoped to get some tacos from Azul but they were shut, and so was the pizza place, so I went to this other pizza place since I had pizza on my mind, and it’s not the healthiest. I should have gone to Chipotle. Then I would have been way funnier and the beautiful women would have made me more confident instead of less. Oh yeah and then I got the light so I did one really short joke, and then started another, but the light flashed and music came on sooner than I had expected so it was all embarrassing. I’m not upset about that.