October 7, 2011

Random Show at Shine

Tonight I did a sort of impromptu ¬†show at Shine which is a little coffee shop/cafe downtown. The place is pretty hip. Eve and Johnny are always putting on shows there. They like me, and I like them, so it works out. The crowd was the other comedians, whom I like, and also some people hanging colored paper bats from the lighting tracks. They said they wanted to see me give a mustache ride, but that desire expired before I could find a willing candidate. Then they said they wanted to see me hang some bats, so I hung a green one. Unfortunately, it was heavy on one side and didn’t hang right, so they took it down. Finally they said they wanted to hear some jokes. So I told some. In the middle of the last one I did, I noticed a decent looking Bondi Blue iMac, the first iMac ever, sitting next to the stage. For those who don’t know, the Bondi Blue iMac was the first major new product from Apple after the return of Steve Jobs. That was pretty cool. I kind of want it, but my collection is already too big. I was surprised to find that the proprietor and her daughter also had their own collection of Macs, so we nerded out together for a little bit. I got my friend to film my set and I’ll probably put it on youtube later. Thank you to Eve and Johnny and all the other comics, my friend for filming, and thanks to the other people that were there too.

The Video