September 22, 2013

Saturday Double

I got to do two shows today. It was pretty cool. The first one was for a cause and it was during the day at Laughs Unlimited. I’d been running around all over town trying to do errands and I wanted to get them all done before I went to the show. There’s a free parking area that I know about but then you have to walk a few blocks to get to Laughs. Thing is, it was raining. So I parked there, and then ran to Laughs. I made it just in time to get a set, and David Lew – who was hosting it – called me up right when I got there. I don’t know how crazy that is.

The crowd said they wanted to party, so I did my usual list of supplies that we need to party. I tried to get someone to volunteer to go to the dollar tree to get the supplies, but then they said they wanted to laugh while we waited. So I told them some jokes and they laughed. It was pretty cool. After my set David Lew told the crowd not to go to I think maybe I should buy that domain too.

The second show was in Yuba City. I drove up there with Carlos Rodriguez, Anthony K, and this guy Rodger. The sound system was pretty bad, but we made the best of it. Each comic got to set the treble right where they wanted it, so as I watched the show I kept thinking I was going def loosing my highs, and then getting them back.

I felt like I had a tough time getting the crowd on my side. They said they wanted to drink, so I told them it would make it easier for me and all that since I didn’t have to make them laugh, just drink. I counted to three a few times and said for them to drink on three. Finally they got sick of it and said they wanted me to make them laugh now. They seemed pissed and I was conflicted about whether or not to push it further by repeating that I wanted to know what they wanted to do, not what they wanted me to do. So I half assed it which was dumb. Anyway, I started telling them some jokes. They laughed but I still got this sense that they didn’t like me. Then this one lady started heckling. I told her how normally comics tell hecklers to shut the fuck up, but I don’t do that. I keep them heckling until they get it all out. But then she said she was done, so I kept going with the joke. BUT THEN, she heckled AGAIN. And the crowd still wasn’t really with me. I wanted to spend more time working with her to get through her heckling problem, but it felt like that was the last thing the crowd wanted to see happen, and my set was almost over anyway, so I just kind of made a reference to how she had said she was done before, and then did my last joke. I think it I could do it over, I would have just said fuck it and spent the rest of the time on her, but who knows.

We made a quick dash to the car and drove back to Sac while we talked shit about other comics and gained wisdom. When I got home this lady Karen Hess told me on Facebook that she thought I had guts to ask wdygwd. Made me think of that Beach Boys song Don’t Back Down. “Show ’em now who’s got guts, don’t back down from that wave.”