September 21, 2013

Sport Comedy

Tonight I got to do a guest set at this show called The Sporty in Elk Grove run by Laurelle Martin. The place seems like it can easily turn into a noisy bar real quick, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, asking them what they wanted to do, but they said “laugh” immediately. I then told them that I would tell them a bunch of jokes that I wrote, and I did. I got heckled once when I asked how much more time I had. I only did that because I had been told it was a guest set, and I had done a lot of jokes already, and it seemed like close to enough for a guest set, but I hadn’t gotten a light or anything so I just wanted to check. I asked how much more time I had, and this guy said, “as long as it takes for you to say something funny.” But the crowd had been with me the whole time so they all groaned at the heckler and that was that. I thanked them for supporting me.

After the comedy they had karaoke. I sang I’ll Be Loving You Forever by New Kids on the Block. I sing it a lot in my car and when I do I’ve gotten pretty good at transitioning smoothly from the regular voice parts to the falsetto parts. Singing at the karaoke though it was really hard to get it. I had to listen to my voice really close to try and pull it off, and it still didn’t feel the same. Guess I’ll have to work on that some more. I got more compliments from that then I did from the comedy. Maybe a sign…

At one point somebody did the humpty dance for their karaoke song, and people got up and started dancing. I joined in and went nuts doing my crazy pops dance that I always do. I try to pop to every sound I hear, as suddenly as I can. I got lots of stares, and I think Laurelle filmed part of it. There was also this very shapely blonde lady in tiny cutoffs and a turquoise shirt trying to get really freaky with any guy on the floor that she could, but the sad thing was is nobody would really get into it with her. Eventually she gave up and went to lie down on her back in an old pickup truck in the parking lot. She was pretty decent looking, which normally guys are into, and she definitely knew how to do lots of freak dance moves, but she was just out of touch with the mood of everyone else it seemed like. There were too many good singers on the karaoke I guess.