July 14, 2021

The Number 22

I went to The Comedy Spot again tonight for their Tuesday open mic. I got the same slot as last time: 22. So I went for a walk again. This time I called my friend Sheli and caught up with her for an hour or so while I walked. I didn’t see the Taco Tuesday bicycle crew that I saw last week riding, but I did see them parked while I was at Azul, so, maybe they didn’t like the tacos that they got after that. I’ve been wanting to do a prank where I go to a taco place on a Thursday and try to get the Thaco Thursday deal. Anyway, I got back and talked to a few friends. Most of the people that I didn’t want to talk to had left by then, so that was nice. Then my slot opened up and I went in and got onto the stage. Shahera was hosting. She told the crowd I was a lot of fun. I asked what they wanted to do. One person said “nothing.” Another said “you.” A third person said “get drunk.” I was surprised when I actually asked if anyone wanted to laugh, and no one cheered. So, I had to assume that they really wanted to do one of the three things that they had said. Finally it seemed like they had settled on “doing me.” I wasn’t sure how to get things started. I thought maybe they could take turns. I said I was nervous because I had never been with that many people at one time before (it was sold out!). Then I broke. I couldn’t even keep a straight face long enough to finish saying it. Well, no one really seemed like they actually wanted to do me, and even the person who originally said it backed off and changed it to a date. She said, “lets find this guy a date! Who wants to date this guy?” Only I raised my hand. Then she came up and tried to shake my hand, but it was all sweaty from performance excitement. Then I felt like I had to explain my sweaty palms to everyone, so I did. I said they wouldn’t be sweaty after the show, so that might be the time to date.