April 25, 2013

Third Place

I did the competition tonight at Laughs Unlimited. I got third place. I think I deserved it for sure. The winners were exactly what I felt. One judge gave me a 4 for originality (all others gave 5 out of 5), so I guess you can never be truly original. Sure can try though. Anyway, third isn’t good enough. Been getting some quality feedback from people that I need lately. I’m too lazy. I guess maybe I’m talented enough that often enough I get away with not working that hard at this. Sure, I might drive around to a lot of open mics sometimes, but I never really try to work that hard on writing and polishing stuff up. I get away with it by doing well at an open mic, and then I think I’m doing enough. But I’m not. Not even close. And then I go and do shows for important people who are in charge of booking and what not, and they can see it. But then on the other hand, I don’t like watching comedians that really have it down. I don’t want to be impressed with how down they have it, I want to be impressed by how hard I laughed. So I expect the same thing from myself. I want to be seen as a fuck off who somehow happened to get on the bill, but in order to do that, I have to somehow meet the requirements to get on the bill. It’s the same idea I’ve used for writing papers in school. So boring right? Eventually I managed to get As and Bs on papers I could never imagine getting grades like that. It was almost like finding a loophole or something. I need to be the guy that shouldn’t be here, shouldn’t be funny, but somehow he’s both. I could be the worst comedian ever, but still be the funniest.