December 3, 2013

Win That Slice

I won a slice of pizza tonight in a trivia contest. Thanks to the team, and the trivia twins at Luigi’s Slice. I got my slice to go, intending to eat it for breakfast, but I forgot to tell them no to heat it up. Oh well.

While all this was going on, the Scramble open mic was going on too. I managed to squeeze in a late set thanks to my good friend Robert Berry.

The crowd said they wanted to play basketball, laugh, and have a trivia contest. Then they narrowed it down to laugh. I told them two jokes. One with the pirate glass, and two I did the devil in the fridge. It tanked at the end, but I think I figured out a way to fix that.

I was going to go to the Boxing Donkey after that, but then I had to take my pizza home, and then I had to use the restroom, so that didn’t end up happening.

Here’s the video: