July 30, 2015

Starlight 7-29-2015

Randomly walked into The Starlight tonight and did a set. First I got a “Not your father’s root beer.” It was good. They said they wanted to laugh, so I worked on my rapped by a turd joke a little bit more. There weren’t any other comics there that I knew. The crowd enjoyed it. Then after my set I walked home, and I saw a dude hanging out in a parking lot with some lady, and he had a hoola hoop.

July 27, 2015

Comedy Burger 7 – 26 – 2015

Just got done doing a set at Momo Lounge on a show called Comedy Burger. It was great man. I hadn’t done a set in like three weeks, so I was a little worried about remembering jokes, but they all came to me. I did start to tank a little bit at the beginning, but […]