August 18, 2013

House Party Show

I’ve done a few house party shows. I did this one when I friend Sammy Obeid asked if I wanted to do a set at it. It was day 952 of his 1,000 days of comedy. I showed up at the party. Saw some people I know from other times I did comedy. Other comedians, and comedy watchers. One of the watchers was the one that lived at the place, and she had seen me and run into me before at this other place. There was food all over and drinks. I had some. There was no stage or mic, but they had a spotlight. I went on second. I asked what they wanted to do. Didn’t seem like people wanted to laugh. They kept saying other things they wanted to do. They wanted to see me strip. I was like man, I spend all this time writing jokes, and they just want me for my body. I took off my shirt so they could get a preview of Magic Steve. The watcher that lived there was upstairs in the loft. She said she wanted to make out with me and then she threw panties. I asked if the whole crowd wanted to make out. Not all of them did. I said we need to find something that everyone wants to do. Eventually it came to listening to some jokes. I told two jokes, and they laughed pretty good. She tried to make me keep the panties, but I didn’t know what to do with them so I left them there. Then I asked her later on Facebook if she still wanted to make out.