August 26, 2013

Sometimes people really don’t want to laugh

I did two open mics tonight. Now I might go to funk night at the Press Club, but we’ll see. It’s already 11:23, and will be even later when I’m done writing this.

First I went to the Comedy Spot Scramble. I showed up really late. It was after 9. Dez runs it. It’s always hard to keep track of where he is. He’s always in motion. So I just put my name down on the list at 19th. I put a note that it was no sweat if I couldn’t get on. I know people want to go home. As usual, by the time it got to the last couple of comics, most of the crowd was gone. There were 4 people left. They said they wanted to laugh right away. So I told them some jokes. I wanted to see if my slavery one would do better this time. It seemed like it would at first. But then it didn’t. It just tanked. Oh well it’s just 4 people, what do they know.

Then I went to on the y. Got there just in time since it was about to end. It was just a bunch of people playing pool and drinking, and one couple down in the audience area watching the comics. They said they wanted to have fun. I said I don’t have to make you laugh, all I have to do it make you have fun. They went with it. I started seeing if they had some marbles so we could play with the marbles, or a card deck so we could play go fish. You know, fun stuff. They said they just wanted to hang out. So we just hung out. Talked about cats, riding bikes, and skunks.

I mentioned how I was on the Sacramento News & Review contenders for best person to make you laugh, but I’m the only one on the list that has never worked at a comedy club. So I’m thinking, either I shouldn’t be on the list, or I should be working at a club. Which one is it? How do I get on this list with all these club working comics if I’m not funny enough to work at a club? I don’t get it.

No one touched my tra la la tonight, but they looked at it. They thought about it.