October 22, 2016


Last night I went to On The Y, and I bombed. But it was okay. I met a cool lady who liked my set, and I wrote a joke about On The Y. In the joke I claim that The Beastie Boys played at On The Y in the ’80s, and one of them left a note on the wall in the bathroom. The note said:

It’s fun to play On The Y

I was really excited about my joke so I shared it with a few buddies. Then I sang “On The Street Where You Live” for karaoke, which is sung really well by this dude Vic Damone, but they didn’t have his version, so it was hard to get the rhythm right compared to how I’m used to singing it.

Tonight I went to Vince’s, and I asked what they wanted to do again. This time they wanted to hear impressions, and laugh, so I did a car starting up, and then told some jokes. It was fun.