September 16, 2014

Beach Boys at the Starlight

Some guy had “The Beach Boys” do his birthday party somewhere downtown on Saturday night. I couldn’t go because I was doing my Luna’s show, but thats okay because it was just the Mike Love, Bruce Johnston Beach Boys, with John Stamos pretending to be Dennis Wilson again. Anyway, I went to the Starlight open mic and they said they wanted to hear me sing, so I sang a few parts of some Beach Boys songs, and little bit of Sometimes by Britney Spears. It was whack.

Oh yeah, before that my friend Brandon Lee had like 20 cigars and gave one to almost every comic. We all smoked them outside the Comedy Spot, and I almost smoked the entire thing. Felt hella dizzy after. Probably hadn’t smoked a cigar in like 5 years at least.