October 5, 2011

Wednesday Open Mic Run

Tonight the Sac Punchline had their once a month showcase in Sac. The first of the season. I didn’t get on. I’m not really surprised since I don’t get up there that often. I always feel weird going there, and I feel like the managers look at me like they think I’m crazy for still doing comedy. Let’s face it, I had some pretty awkward sets there a few years ago. I guess I’m paying for it now. Of course, I could be crazy too. I didn’t feel depressed afterwards like I do sometimes though. Then I went to T2s run by Ruben Mora. He painted my mustache on Monday, and I think I blogged that he was an idiot in that post. Tonight I was like, why did I say that. I felt bad. Sorry Ruben. I think I questioned whether or not letting him paint my mustache was disrespectful to myself or not, plus there were a lot of other comedians there, so there’s always that feeling of them ganging up on me or something, so I lumped him in with the rest. Ruben’s a pretty cool guy really. Always gives me time at his room, unlike some others. He gave me time tonight. The crowd said they wanted to know the weather forecast. I didn’t know what it was. Then they said they wanted to have a barbecue. I just started listing off all the supplies we needed, but soon my six minutes was over, and none of the supplies showed up. It would have been nice to tell some jokes, but no one wanted to hear any.