November 9, 2013

Laughs Guest Set with Carl LaBove

This week at Laughs Unlimited they have Carl LaBove with Kul Black and Saul Trujillo. Saul invited me to do a guest set tonight on the 10:30 pm show so I went and did it. Carl Labove was cool. He reminded me of my uncle a little bit. I think the crowd fell in love with Kul Black. Holy shit man.

I saw a lot of drunk people filing in for the crowd. A lot of drunk people. I was like man I don’t know how this will turn out when I ask what they want to do. But it wasn’t bad at all. They said they wanted to party, play marco polo, and laugh. I said I wanted to see it get narrowed down to one thing, so they picked laugh immediately. What a pleasant surprise. So I told them some jokes. I had just reworked my sex trafficking joke and couldn’t wait to try it, so I opened with it. Not that great of a response, at least not when you have a crowd that big. But then I realized that they weren’t getting a lot of the jokes anyway. I did the Thunderbird one and it took a few people a minute to get it, and the rest of the people seemed like they never got it. So, I think the sex trafficking one deserves another chance. I think I have it worked out well. I ended my set with my Fargo/Argo joke, but I was thinking I probably should have done the Two Colors one instead. They’re both good, but I think the two colors one would have been more popular with that crowd.

Anyway, I filmed the set, but the battery on the camera died after a minute of my set. Oh well, I just said fuck it and uploaded it to youtube anyway: