November 26, 2013

Ride the Donkey

Another night chasing mics and only getting one set basically. Went to the Monday Scramble: too late, too full. Ate at Azul. Tried the Sol Collective. Never been before. Waste of time unless you want to hang around and see some pretty decent underground hip hop. So I went for it and rode the donkey.

The Boxing Donkey in Roseville that is. Got a glass of wine. They said they wanted to ride a rainbow. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make them do that, and eventually they got tired of it. Then they wanted to find a pot of gold. I told them I was trying to help them find it, but I’m a comedian, not a pot of gold finder. Well, finally they said they wanted to laugh. So I start telling my Pirate Glass joke, but then we get a heckler. No one would own up to it. I stuck to it and said we can’t continue with the jokes until we find out who heckled. It worked out pretty good and finally the lady that did it admitted it. She said she wanted to heckle all night, but I said she was going to have to do it to the other comedians, because my time was up. Should be a fun set to watch. Let’s find out.

Looks like I still didn’t fix the focus on the camera.