December 22, 2013

Lock Me Down To The Paradise City

Got a set at the Lockdown last night because Stephanie Garcia is so cool. She’s slightly crazy, and I don’t know why she says half the things she says, but it doesn’t matter. You just have to ignore that and pay attention to the cool. Thats the way comedians are, man.

Man, this crowd was awesome too. I asked what they wanted to do and they just said laugh. No fucking around. I did the lone ranger, bathrooms, pirate glass, and retro spectacles in honor of my recently passed paternal grandmother.

I brought my camera along to tape it and I brought my friend too. He always stops recording and starts again so I couldn’t get the full beginning of me going up, and then I fucked up and forgot to erase the card, so the recording cut out towards the end. But you know what, we got most of it.

Here it is:

December 20, 2013

Luna’s Tea and Banana

I went to Luna’s this Tuesday and got a Banana and some Tea. Crowd said they wanted to laugh, so I told the jokes. Tried to make my devil joke better but I’m still not happy with it, although I like how it ends a lot more with the refrigerator being a tall oven. I […]

December 20, 2013

Cadillac on Blacktop

I drove my Cadillac to the Blacktop open mic tonight. I love my Cadillac, but I want to tune the suspension better, and a billion other things. The crowd said they wanted to laugh, u-rap, u-laugh, tell jokes, etc, but finally settled on laughing. I messed around and told them some new jokes, one of […]

December 14, 2013

The Lone Ranger

Went to Blacktop on Thursday. They said they wanted to do crank. I said “you don’t want to laugh, you want to do crank?” Then they said they wanted to do both. I said they couldn’t, so they picked laugh. I did my lone ranger joke with Wha wha wha instead of buh dum dum, […]

December 12, 2013

The Conversation

I saw this movie a while ago called The Conversation. It’s a lot different from my set tonight. I was at Luna’s Cafe. They wanted to laugh. I did the bathroom jokes. In the beginning of the second one, I ask the crowd if they’ve ever heard “if it’s brown flush it down, if it’s […]

December 12, 2013

Stockton Comedy Experience

I did comedy in Stockton the other night. My friend Jimmie The Comedian invited me to come down and do his coffee shop show. I drove down and did and almost ran out of gas, but I didn’t actually. The crowd said they wanted to get high, but then changed it to high from laughing […]

December 9, 2013

SF Sunday Mic

I went down to SF tonight hoping to get on at the Punchline. That didn’t work out and I was bummed, but then my friend Chris Schiappacasse told me about this other mic near Grant and Green. I went and checked it out and got some tea. There weren’t a lot of people so they […]

December 5, 2013

Birthday Party Punchline

Tonight I got on the Sac Punchline Showcase and they wanted to have a birthday party at first. Then they said they wanted to laugh, so I told jokes. It went a hell of a lot better than last time I was there. That was like one of the weirdest times I was there. I […]

December 4, 2013


Ugh. Went and did this Tuesday at Luna’s thing again. I need a new approach to this place man. Gonna have to think of something fresh. I got to try my new Devil joke idea, and I think it will work. Maybe I’ll try it out tomorrow at the Punchline if I get up there. […]

December 3, 2013

Win That Slice

I won a slice of pizza tonight in a trivia contest. Thanks to the team, and the trivia twins at Luigi’s Slice. I got my slice to go, intending to eat it for breakfast, but I forgot to tell them no to heat it up. Oh well. While all this was going on, the Scramble […]