September 27, 2013

4th Blacktop

I went to Blacktop for the fourth time. Only 6 comics hanging around. No audience. We performed for ourselves and checked our phones. Finally this time someone said they wanted to laugh. Before that the options put forth were to make to a porno, or to listen to me talk about my shirt. I was wearing a Rejects of Standup shirt. So I told them some jokes. One joke didn’t get a laugh at first, so I waited and then someone laughed awkwardly. I told them they didn’t have to laugh, because it might not be funny. I forgot what joke it was though.

Before that I went to Chipotle for dinner so I wouldn’t have to drive home and back to Roseville again. Man the Chipotle across from the Galleria sucks. Some of the guacamole was frozen. Couldn’t believe I paid $1.90 extra. Probably won’t go to that Chipotle again. Plus the servers seemed like they didn’t know what they were doing. Oh yeah and, there was an AT&T store next to it, and I went in there and looked at the iPhone 5S and the 5C. The sales people were hella awkward and this sales lady was talking to a sales gentleman about some creepy guy or something. Customers don’t want to hear about that. I wasn’t planning to buy anyway so I was glad to walk out without buying. I still like my 32GB 3GS that I got as a gift from my friend Sue.