October 30, 2011

Another 3 set night

Tonight I got in 3 sets. I did a 6 minute spot at Tommy T’s first. Jason Resler had offered it to me. I got there a little late so I almost missed out on it, but then it worked out anyway. Jess was there. I always feel like she doesn’t like me that much, so I didn’t bother saying hello. She’s the manager there. Probably made her night giving her the opportunity to give me the light. She gave it to me twice even though I was talking about getting off stage already the second time. That’s how much she liked doing it. When I’m on stage she’s probably got that evil smile, knowing the whole time she’s gonna give me that light. Jess you don’t have to turn on the red light. Those days are over. My set wasn’t bad. Told a couple of jokes and they seemed into it.

Then I ducked out and went to the Scramble at the Comedy Spot. Made it in time to go on last like usual. Des was hosting. He told the crowd I was comic for the people. I reiterated that. I asked what they wanted to do, and then they made jerking off motions. I asked if they wanted to jack off, and they said yes, definitely. I said okay I’m gonna try to make that possible. Then one guy actually started to pretend he was doing it, hand in his pants and all. But he was going too fast for it to be taken seriously. Then he stopped because he knew he could get arrested. I said they could all get arrested and they said even though they wanted to do it, they wouldn’t. I said I would still try though. Daniel O’Connel called from backstage to tell a sexy story. I told the story of the lonely prince looking for a mate. Then I got the light. They told me set of the night. Wow.

After that I hit On The Y. This girl was sitting next to me. She was cute but she was at On The Y, so I knew in 10 years she would be a drunk hag. Maybe sooner. Plus she was one of the main people in the crowd that claimed the wanted to barbecue a stripper. Someone said save the pork for me, and someone else said they wanted the beef. I said no, there’s no pork or beef on a stripper, only human flesh. They said I must not have ever been with a stripper. True. So maybe they do have it. The applause was pretty insane after my set. Couldn’t believe they liked it so much. Got a little emotional, and then I went home to make my halloween costume for tomorrow.