January 13, 2014

Apple Tree Redlight Greenlight

So we did The Apple Tree Comedy Competition again last night on The Sacramento Comedy Spot’s Test Kitchen show. It was the third time we did it, and the time when they decide whether or not to greenlight the show for regular rotation.

Well, I messed up as usual at the beginning. I forgot to setup my camera and turn it on so I didn’t get any video. I forgot to give each judge an apple to start things off. But, it didn’t matter that much. Once we got the apples taken care of, we were off and running. All the comedians did a great job and the apple drop counts were so close I had to get Brian to count them for me while I stalled the show. We had Janelle Murphy, Darby Herms, Joe-Joe Louis, and Andrew Ouellette. Andrew won with 43 apple drops.

Judging we had Blake, Eric and Adam. They did a fantastic job and were wildly entertaining to watch as they struggled through 30 minutes of trying to hold apples in their mouths, drooling all over the place, and laughing their asses off. I laugh so hard at each one of these shows, I start wondering if I’m just doing this all to satisfy some weird sick and twisted need of my own, but the whole crowd was just laughing hysterically and uncontrollably.

Despite all that, we didn’t exactly get the green light. We get to come back every month, but it will always be on test kitchen. That is unless we can make it too big for test kitchen. So we’ll see if people really get into it or not. I’m sure I’ll get it all figured out better too the more I do it, so I don’t forget so many things.