November 17, 2011

Automotive Respect!

It was a three set night. First I did Luna’s Cafe. Man what a blast. They said they wanted to laugh. I told jokes, and they laughed. This one lady heckled me a little bit, but it was fun and made my set way more fun. Keith said he knew she would. Thanks for the set Keith!

Then I left and went to Pepperbelly’s. We couldn’t film the Batman video that Sean P wanted to film since Shaun G wasn’t there to play Robbin. Oh well. I did my set and fell in love with this girl that was there. I think her name was Coco. I did my love at first site joke and she said she believed in it since she loved me the first time she saw me. Oh well, all good things come to an end. I had gone on last, but then this crazy drunk guy that worked at a tire shop went on. He went on a drunk rant and stunk up the mic with his breath, talking about how important is respect like drunk people always do. Then he tied it into his job and took it to a whole other level by saying he was all about “automotive” respect. That killed everybody. I’m glad I stayed to see that.

After that, I drove back to Sac and went to T2s. The show was almost over and I went on last again. They said they wanted to get drunk, and they said they wanted to f*ck some bitches, but they couldn’t decide between the two. Eventually more options were added as well, but a consensus was never come to. Oh well, it was still fun. What a great night for comedy.

Tomorrow I do the competition at the Boxing Donkey. It’s just another set though, so what’s the big deal right? Automotive respect!