April 9, 2013

Bad ass show at 11am in the morning

Three weeks ago I got to do a show that was part of 48 hours of comedy at the Sac Comedy Spot. It was pretty cool because my friend Sammy Obeid is doing 1000 days of comedy, and so it was great to at least be part of 48 hours of comedy. I have to thank my friend Robert Barry for inviting me to be a part of the show. If it wasn’t for his support, I probably wouldn’t have had a chance in hell. We got a crowd despite being an 11am show on a Saturday, and boy was it fun. Just a bunch of nerds and geeks doing comedy. I got to headline the show which was a special honor. Told the first in a series of new jokes where the devil makes a cameo. Probably should have closed with it since it was so well received, but it bolstered the rest of the jokes that I told anyway. Special thanks to Robert Barry for letting me do the show, as well as to my friends and fellow comedians Austin Abshire, Mike Cella, and Nick Petigrew for being funny on the show too. And thank you to the Comedy Spot as well for letting Robert let me do the show.