April 15, 2013


So things were starting to look up this last week, and I figured I’d give hitting some open mics a shot. There’s three that you can do. Scramble at the Comedy Spot, On the Y, and Touch of Class. Well, I went to all three, but wasn’t able to get a single set. First off, I didn’t manage to get to the Scramble until about 6:50, 10 minutes before the show starts, but 20 minutes after the signup time, so the list was already full. But even if you get there at 6:15, there’s already a full list of people waiting ahead of you to sign up. Some of these guys camp out starting at 5. Fuck that. I want to be able to just walk in and get a set. Have I not earned it? I was told that some people might leave and then I might be able to get on, but I just left because I also wanted to fit in a run. Then I got home and find out I could have gotten on because 4 people left. Now I’m really in a funk, so it takes awhile to get out of it so I can run. Then I have to eat after, and before I know it, it’s 11. Well, On the Y usually runs until at least 12 right? Not tonight. I get there and the place is deserted. Some other comics suggest I check out Touch of Class since even though it’s supposed to start at 9:30, it probably really just started. So I drive over, but nope, the headliner just went on when I got there. Well Sacramento, you win. I just don’t have the patience to deal with this horse shit anymore, and I’m not going to camp out like some Walmart shopper on Black Friday just to do five minutes for three drunk retards.