October 27, 2013

We Did a Rejects Show Close to Halloween

We did the Rejects again at the Darkroom and made a profit for the second time. It wasn’t much, but when you consider that it costs $250 to rent the place, it makes me happy. I was even happier when we sold three shirts at the end of the show. We had all the Rejects on this one: Me, Keon Kobra, Johnny Squires, Suraj Menon, and Chris Schiappacasse. Plus Duat Mai dropped in, and of course as always we had the amazing Sweet Gail. We also had a number of other great special guests, including Andrew Roberts, Alex Schilgen, Charlie Spinnick, Vahé Hova, Robo, and Hani Bashir. I hosted.

When I hosted I forgot to tell them my name because I just went out there without being announced, and it skipped my mind. Oh well. Normally for hosting sets I don’t ask WDYGWD, but since it was a Rejects show, I did it. First Sweet Gail said she wanted to do imitations. But then it came out that really they wanted to laugh, so I told some jokes. I’d say probably half of them did pretty good, and the other half tanked, so I dunno, rewrite those I guess, but also I went on first, but yeah, rewrite… Anyway.

I decided we weren’t going to use a light. Instead I slide a coat hanger across the stage to let comics know to wrap it up. Seemed like everyone liked it. Comics frequently joked about their sets being aborted using a plastic coat hanger.

Then after the show we got some Cancun tacos and then I drove home and went to bed just after 3:30 AM.

Here’s my set from hosting it: http://youtu.be/qFZ3vMhiKao

August 24, 2013

The Rejects of Standup In The Black

Last night we did The Rejects of Standup again at The Dark Room Theater in SF. We got 29 people so we were pretty stoked. It was a special show for Johnny Squires’ 45th birthday, so it was also successful in that he managed to turn 45 during the show. Johnny emceed. Then we had […]