October 27, 2013

We Did a Rejects Show Close to Halloween

We did the Rejects again at the Darkroom and made a profit for the second time. It wasn’t much, but when you consider that it costs $250 to rent the place, it makes me happy. I was even happier when we sold three shirts at the end of the show. We had all the Rejects on this one: Me, Keon Kobra, Johnny Squires, Suraj Menon, and Chris Schiappacasse. Plus Duat Mai dropped in, and of course as always we had the amazing Sweet Gail. We also had a number of other great special guests, including Andrew Roberts, Alex Schilgen, Charlie Spinnick, Vahé Hova, Robo, and Hani Bashir. I hosted.

When I hosted I forgot to tell them my name because I just went out there without being announced, and it skipped my mind. Oh well. Normally for hosting sets I don’t ask WDYGWD, but since it was a Rejects show, I did it. First Sweet Gail said she wanted to do imitations. But then it came out that really they wanted to laugh, so I told some jokes. I’d say probably half of them did pretty good, and the other half tanked, so I dunno, rewrite those I guess, but also I went on first, but yeah, rewrite… Anyway.

I decided we weren’t going to use a light. Instead I slide a coat hanger across the stage to let comics know to wrap it up. Seemed like everyone liked it. Comics frequently joked about their sets being aborted using a plastic coat hanger.

Then after the show we got some Cancun tacos and then I drove home and went to bed just after 3:30 AM.

Here’s my set from hosting it: http://youtu.be/qFZ3vMhiKao