October 20, 2011

Chasing Stage Time on a Wednesday

Last night I really had the drive to go out and do a bunch of time at places. First I had a booked spot on the Toys for Tots show at Tommy T’s in Ranch Cordova. My set went okay I guess, but it wasn’t that great by my standards. I should have engaged the crowd more before I started trying to make them laugh with jokes. We weren’t ready to do that together yet. But I still appreciate Ruben offering me the set. Thanks Ruben.

Then I went to Pepperbelly’s in Fairfield run by Sean P. I had to go there anyway to meet with Chris Schiappacasse and give him the flyers for our Rejects of Standup show next Tuesday. I got up and did a set too. They said they wanted to smoke weed, so I started trying to make it so they could. They ended up just laughing a lot while I tried to make it so they could smoke, but I didn’t see anyone smoke anything that whole time. A 56 year black lady kissed me on the cheek in response to me identifying her by her age. I didn’t know her name. I couldn’t believe she was that old, but she said black doesn’t crack.

Then I came back to Sac and went to T2’s, also run by Ruben. He finished up the Toys for Tots and then still ran his open mic. Gotta love that guy. Ruben you can paint my mustache with a marker any time man. If I don’t have one, you can draw it on. Out of the blue Jason Resler came over and started talking to me. I told him a couple of years ago I didn’t want to talk to him since we had a falling out. It wasn’t a grudge, I just felt like it was for the best, at least for me. Time makes things change though so we hung out for a bit. He said he likes this blog. Probably since I made a reference to how Leaf books him for every show. Then I went on and did a set. They said they wanted to laugh so I told some jokes. It was a lot of fun.

I could go out to an open mic right now, but I don’t know if I will. I wanted to run too, but then I ate and now I’m tired. Guess I’ll just edit my videos and stuff.