March 12, 2013

Day 1: KDVS Campus Radio

Last night I did a radio show on KDVS 90.3 called the Standup Show, hosted by my friend, Michael Cella. I had fun doing it. First they did an interview with me and asked me a bunch of questions about my act. I don’t know if I gave the answers they wanted but they were the ones I had. That was the first 15 minutes. Then they had me do a set on the air in front of a small crowd. It was a nice intimate setting and a good time. I told my new devil joke, and it was a hit. This one girl said she didn’t like birds when I did my parrot joke. Turned out she really doesn’t like them, but she was eating a turkey sandwich. She introduced me to a new concept: using the word science as a verb. I tried to argue that birds are helpful because they help carry radio waves through the air, and she said if I thought that I needed to science more. Didn’t get her name or number though. You can listen to the show here:¬†