May 3, 2013

Don’t think I bombed

Tonight I did the open mic at Liaison. It’s a lounge. I hung out for an hour and the show still didn’t start, so I said I’d just go up and start it off. Didn’t get a lot of laughs, but there was hardly anyone there, and they seemed to be enjoying my set at least, unlike the night before. Had a cool idea. Sometimes you do bad on a set and the jokes worked great 10 other times, but on this night they’re just not. That’s what happened last night. Sometimes when that happens, comics try to claim that the jokes killed all the other times so they must be good and the crowd just sucks. They tell the audience this. Well, that may be true, but you’re not going to convince that crowd unless you can actually make the joke funny to them. So my idea was, to stop claiming the jokes are funny. Instead of saying “Last nights crowd loved that joke, so it’s funny” say, “Last nights crowd loved that joke, but that doesn’t mean it’s funny. Not really sure what it means…” or something like that.

Whats next for me? I need to build out my websites more. will be my comedy website, I’m going to buy some what do you guys wanna do shirts, and I want to start my own open mic / showcase called Stand Up Freakshow or something like that.